Life… One Song at a Time by Marc Black

Just 6 years old, living in Jacksonville Florida, I heard Elvis on the Studebaker car radio. I turned to his Mom and said, ’What is that’?  More than 50 years on, I’m still keeping track of my life by writing and performing songs.  I’ve put a bunch of ‘em together surrounded the stories they represent for this show.  It's what I call Life… One Song at a Time.


Next Monday, December 12, 8:30 pm, I’ll bring this autobiographical one-man show back for a third time to the Under Saint Marks Theater.  I really hope you can make it.

You can buy tickets online at this address:  The theater is located at 94 Saint Marks Place (between 1st Ave and Ave A).  Phone number is 212-777-6088.

Here’s some feedback from my most recent performance:

What sweet recollections lovingly woven and masterfully played and sung.
Awesome, show. This should turn into a very successful national tour for you.
I am STILL grinning like an idiot
Unforgettable night!!
Driving after the show, stop to let you know, what a sweet sweet time, with your rhythm and rhyme
What an entertainer, all heart and soul.