Life… One Song at a Time by Marc Black

Just 6 years old, living in Jacksonville Florida, I heard Elvis on the Studebaker car radio. I turned to his Mom and said, ’What is that’?  More than 50 years on, I’m still keeping track of my life by writing and performing songs.  I’ve put a bunch of ‘em together surrounded the stories they represent for this show.  It's what I call Life… One Song at a Time.


Next Monday, December 12, 8:30 pm, I’ll bring this autobiographical one-man show back for a third time to the Under Saint Marks Theater.  I really hope you can make it.

You can buy tickets online at this address:  The theater is located at 94 Saint Marks Place (between 1st Ave and Ave A).  Phone number is 212-777-6088.

Here’s some feedback from my most recent performance:

What sweet recollections lovingly woven and masterfully played and sung.
Awesome, show. This should turn into a very successful national tour for you.
I am STILL grinning like an idiot
Unforgettable night!!
Driving after the show, stop to let you know, what a sweet sweet time, with your rhythm and rhyme
What an entertainer, all heart and soul.

Cassandra Kubinski

Thanks for helping ONWARD debut in the Billboard Heatseekers Top 100! Let's keep the music going-  we've got a new holiday single for you called "New Year Comin'" Happy Holidays! :)

Dear Friends,

Happy, joyful holiday season to you and yours! The days may be getting darker, but we have some things for you to hopefully help keep spirits bright - starting with a new holiday single, released today! 

If 2016 has been a little rough, or you’re just looking forward to the fresh start the new year always seems to bring, this one’s for you. Add it to your holiday playlists, send to friends who need a lift, or enjoy it with a hot chocolate! Thank you for checking out our new song.


CD Baby

ONWARD Continues to Climb UPWARD!

THANK YOU to everyone who downloaded or purchased ONWARD, my new EP, or attended our release events in NYC and Hoboken!  Ready for some cool news?  You helped ONWARD hit the Top 100 of the Billboard Heatseekers chart!  Yes indeed, this is the first release I’ve, well, released, to hit the charts, and it’s because of YOU and your downloads, shares, and streams!

And… “You Never Told Me” from ONWARD got a cool spin and shoutout from Train’s frontman Pat Monahan on Sirius XM’s The Pulse!  

Haven’t picked up ONWARD yet?  Or want to gift it to friends and family for the holidays?  Links to download are here, and, our PledgeMusic store will be open a couple more weeks to pick up T-shirts, signed CDs, handwritten lyric sheets and more for a truly personal gift for the music lovers in your life.


Google Play:

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PledgeMusic (pledge for signed CDs, T-shirts, holiday gifts & more)


There are a few more chances to catch the music live, in our Holiday Concert broadcast on on Sunday December 18, and live in NYC on Thursday December 22.  Mark your calendars and ring out 2016 right!


LIVE on from Around Digital Media Studios (watch from anywhere)

Afternoon EST - time TBA

Tickets are Pay What You Wish:


8 pm

The Wild Project  (195 East 3rd Street, NYC)

Holiday Benefit for #Not1More, featuring Cassandra Kubinski, Sonnet Man, Markeisha Ensley and more


RSVP on Facebook:

Can’t wait to see you, in person or online, and to celebrate the end to an amazing, challenging, fun and fantastic year.  Thank you as always for being a part of this music.

Xo Cassandra


3 performances, each different from the other. After all...


...of all kinds. I hope to see you at some of these events.


MONDAY, DEC. 5th • 7 - 9 PM


w/ John DiMartino (pno)

Ken Filiano (bass)



82 West 3rd St. (btw Thompson & Sullivan)

New York, NY

212-477-ZINC (9462) 


Songs, songs, songs. Maybe a poem.




WEDNESDAY, DEC. 7 • 8:30 - 11 PM


Marco Cappelli, Ken Filiano, Satoshi Takeishi, Shoko Nagai, Andrea Wolper



486 Halsey Street

Brooklyn, NY


Selections from Marco's suite, "Les Nuages en France."





Virg Dzurinko, Ken Filiano, Nick Lyons, Ryan Messina, Michael Wimberly, Andrea Wolper



375 Lorimer St. @ Scholes

Brooklyn, NY $10

Improvisations and other surprises. In the dark.

Karl Berger

"Music Mind", a book

"What doesn't come from the heart doesn't enter the heart"

This campaign ( about supporting a book for musicians, and for listeners that want to get closer to music without having to resort to theory and such. I believe that all you can know about music you can hear. 

I remember driving in New York City with Ornette Coleman and Ingrid Sertso. It must have been some time in the nineties. A yellow taxi in front of us had a bumper sticker that said: “I won’t blow my horn if you don’t blow yours”. Ornette said: “That could be the title of my next album”. And he continued: “I wish I could write a book where the readers would say: ‘If it is that easy I will get an instrument and play too’ ”. Ornette was a deep thinker and probably the major influence in developing the concept of Music Mind, which is grounded in the experience that everyone is musical; that we all have more musical talent than we’ll ever realize in one lifetime. Ornette was a master of intuitive improvisation and composition, laying the groundwork for an approach to music making that was not cerebral at all, not based on theory but on trusting your intuition.

That is exactly what Music Mind is about.  It is about the way we feel when we play. How we feel and what we feel. How we manage to stay tuned into the flow of music. And what we’ll discover in the process. 

The promise of Music Mind is to lead us to this place of natural flow, over and over: how to  enjoy every note we play and listen to; how to develop confidence in our own ideas. Rather than looking at music in a certain style, we’ll look at the elements that are fundamental to any kind of music we develop a strong connection and a very personal “feeling” for them, independent of any stylistic considerations. Going to the bottom of the major elements common to all music –– rhythm, sound, space, dynamics –– can give us the most important tools for extraordinary depth of listening and playing.

The writing of Music Mind is in progress, to be completed in the spring of 2017. Several chapters and the outline are written. Web pages with music, videos and webinars will complement the written text. I am fortunate to have a great team of a writer, editor and copy-editor to work with.  So, with your help we can get it all finished and out into the world.

2 chapters and the outline of "Music Mind" are available now, today, to contributors of $50 or more. As soon as your contribution arrives, we will send you the preview and chapters. Make sure to include your email address in your response, so we can send the texts vis email attachments.

Thanks so much for you support.

Creative Musical Foundation

Creative Music Foundations’ vibrant musical community has had a great year, impacting musicians from around the world and from all walks of life by helping them connect with their music on a deeper level and grow as human beings.

Our programs, especially our workshop intensives, have made a lasting impact by creating positive change in the lives of aspiring creative musicians. Take, for example, the experience of Gabriel, a workshop intensive participant:

“Ultimately, music must be an expression of our freedom, not our boundaries. I found my freedom at Creative Musical Foundation, in my ability to play what I hear and to hear what I play. This is more than a lesson in music; it is a lesson for life."

Help us transform even more musicians like Gabriel and donate today.

$1,000 will provide one full scholarship

$500 will cover a partial scholarship

$50 will help offset expenses

We aim to reach more than double the usual number of workshop participants in 2017 by adding new workshop intensives located in New York City and Los Angeles, in addition to the two weeklong programs in Upstate New York. Your gift makes a difference; because many of our participants are students or aspiring musicians, roughly 70% receive financial assistance through donor-funded scholarships.

With you on our side, we are confident we can achieve this vision for an expanded program of workshops that inspire the next generation of musicians. Your generous support will help us continue our great programs and ensure the torch of creative improvisational music is carried for generations to come.

To learn more about Creative Musical Foundation workshops please watch this video.

Again, thank you for being a part of Creative Musical Foundation’ nearly 50-year legacy.

To learn more about the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation, such as First Mondays, Women Who Lunch, the Silver Fox Club, and the Pick 3 Program, visit

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